Course Description

Workers’ Compensation for Healthcare Rehabilitation Specialists Online Training Course

Developed by:

Heartland Rehabilitation Services and The International Sports Professionals Association







The Work Comp Course will be offered as a package with the CWcHP Certification exam and will be priced at $349.00, which includes the following:

  • 8-Hour online course divided into 3-modules

  • CWcHP Certification Exam

  • CWcHP Subject Study Guide

  • CWcHP Online Video Lectures

  • 5-Year Listing on CWcHP Registry

Purchased separately the above would be $648.00

Course Outline and Schedule


The purpose of this course is to establish a standard of knowledge and care for Healthcare Professionals treating patients on workers’ compensation programs. This online course consists of three (3) modules and is eight (8) hours in length. The course is hosted online in a dynamic virtual environment where participants will be able to interact with the course instructor and other participants.


The online course is divided into three separate modules. Module One is 3-hours in length; Module Two is 3-hours in length; Module Three is 2-hours in length. Total course time is 8-hours. For those individuals who purchased a live online course, please consult the information you were provided with at time of purchase for course dates and times.

Module 1

This module will present a three-hour overview of work injury management principles. The module will cover basic terminology related the management of workers’ compensation patients and gain an understanding of the key stakeholders with this particular patient base. Participants will gain an understanding of worker rehab goals and communication requirements. Participants will also understand the spectrum of industrial rehabilitation including appropriate referral for functional capacity evaluations, work conditioning/ work hardening, ergonomics and/or other job site analysis.

30 minutes:

Introduction to Worker Rehab Terminology

30 minutes:

Description of Key Stakeholders in Worker Rehab

30 minutes:

Explanation of legal ramifications of Worker Rehab

30 minutes:

Description of industrial rehabilitation services and early goals for worker rehab

30 minutes:

Discussion of immediate integration of improved communication strategies in clinical setting

30 minutes:

Barriers to returning injured worker to work

Total Time= 3 hours

Module 2

This module will present a three-hour overview of advanced work injury management principles. The module will cover an advanced discussion of work related musculoskeletal disorders including shoulder, elbow, wrist and low back work injuries and appropriate treatment strategies. Participants will gain an understanding of red flags related to workers’ compensation patients. Participants will also understand appropriate referral for specialty services including work conditioning/hardening, ergonomic evaluation and functional capacity evaluation. Participants will learn how to implement a clinical-based work conditioning program and provide functional reports for all stakeholders.

30 minutes:

Advanced discussion of most common MSD’s including appropriate treatment approaches.

30 minutes:

Discussion of red flags present during Worker Rehab

30 minutes:

Discussion of appropriate therapy evaluation process

30 minutes:

Descriptions of appropriate rehabilitation techniques for most common work injuries

30 minutes:

Developing appropriate work conditioning programs in outpatient clinic setting.

30 minutes:

Discussion functional progress reports utilized in WC communication.

Total Time= 3 hours

Module 3

This module will present a two-hour overview of advanced work injury management principles and prevention services for industrial customers. The module will cover an advanced discussion of injury prevention services commonly provided by physical therapists, occupational therapists and athletic trainers. Participants will gain an understanding of prevention services including Job Site/Task Analysis, Ergonomic Assessment, Post Offer Pre-Employment Screening and onsite injury prevention education.  Participants will learn how to implement prevention services to local employers and market those services accordingly.

30 minutes:

Review of transitional fitness vs. work conditioning

30 minutes:

Job Task Analysis/ Post Offer Pre-employment Screen

30 minutes:

Ergonomic assessments

30 minutes:

Back School, Cumulative Trauma Prevention education for the industrial setting.

Total Time= 2 hours

Total Course Time= 8 hours

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