What Others Are Saying:

“Having the CWcHP credential has aided me in my recent career advancement at my clinic….I really believe that by going out of my way to obtain specialization and higher certification played a significant role in my promotion.”

K. Meehan, PT, DPT


“I was impressed by the balance of questions and topics related to workers comp; for example: questions about job analysis, work comp laws, scheduled loss, WCP, PT evaluations/ rehab terms, FCE components, work comp documentation, prevention of work comp injuries and disability definitions.”

T. Smith, ATC, LAT


“The CWcHP gets more in depth on aspects of workers’ compensation than anything I have seen before.”

A. Brossett, MOTR, CRC


“I think this certification examination covers a wide variety of knowledge that is crucial in rehabilitating workers and touches upon issues encountered on a daily basis in the work comp environment.”

J. Chisholm , PT

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