Examination Preparation

The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach is a 100 question multiple-choice examination administered online. Candidates have 1.5 hours to complete the exam. All candidates are provided a copy of the CWcHP Subject Study Guide upon registration. This guide covers all relevant information as tested on the examination, including all research and resources. Investigating the suggested resources listed in the study guide is strongly encouraged.

The normal preparation time for the certification examination is approximately 10-15 hours.

Here is a brief sample of the topics covered in the CWcHP Exam:

-Rehabilitation of Common Work-Related Injuries (Identification, Methods, etc…)

-Recovery times for Specific Injuries

-Benefits, Duration, Structure, Documentation and Legal Ramifications of Workers’ Compensation Programs

-Transitional Work Programs

-Elements of Patient/Client Management

-Work Hardening/Conditioning Programs

-Job Simulation and Analysis

-Preventative Techniques

-Importance of Evidence-Based Practices

-Risk Evaluation

-Specific Rehabilitation Terminology


-Vocational Rehabilitation

-Financial Liability

-Types of Losses

-Scope and Implications of Recommendations

-Insurance Costs

-Privacy Rule

-Legal Rights of Employers vs. Employees

-Employer’s Scope of Involvement in Claims

-Employer Costs

-Importance of Reliable Testing

-Employee Education (Benefits, Suggestions, etc…)

-History of Workers’ Compensation

Sample Question:

As a Rehabilitation Therapist, when rehabilitating an injured worker, it is within the scope of your duties to make recommendations to your patient regarding human resource issues, worker’s compensation law, and other relevant laws.

A: True

B: False


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