The National Certification Examination For Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach (CWcHP)


About the Exam

The purpose of this certification (CWcHP – Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider) is to establish a standard of knowledge and care for Healthcare Professionals treating patients on workers’ compensation programs. This certification is designed to help Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Professionals stand out from others in their field by acknowledging their accomplishments and expertise in regard to rehabilitating injured workers. The CWcHP certification is available in both a USA version and a Canadian version.  This certification is the FIRST and ONLY of its kind, and serves as an added layer of credibility for professionals seeking patients on workers’ compensation. Professionals whom pass the National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach can proudly place the initials CWcHP after their name, signifying that they are certified to provide services at the highest professional level.

The National Certification Examination for Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Providers: An Evidence-Based Approach (CWcHP) was created by the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA) in May 2010 after nearly two years of research, testing and development. This unique certification fills a need in healthcare today that has previously not been addressed. The expertise and knowledge base of professionals whom care for the needs of patients on workers’ compensation is too critical to leave in the hands of professionals who have not demonstrated the highest credentials to provide such care. Legal and third party payer groups are increasingly demanding professional competency with this patient population. The need for this new credential arose out of this demand for professionals to display the highest credentials possible to work with these patients.

It has always been the mission of the International Sports Professionals Association – ISPA to insure that professionals whom deliver services to clients adhere to the highest standards of care, and have the highest level of credentialing. Since workers’ compensation clients typically return to work that involves vigorous ‘sports-like’ skills and activities, it is a natural extension of ISPA’s already established procedures of assessment to credential CWcHP professionals.

With the aide of one of the nation’s leading physical therapy organizations, the ISPA was able to compile the necessary research and address the most important issues and information regarding the rehabilitation of injured workers.

Who is eligible to take the CWcHP

>Athletic Trainers*

>Physical Therapists

> Physical Therapist Assistants

>Occupational Therapists

*Please note, some states prohibit Athletic Trainers from treating workers compensation cases. Check with your state guidelines to make sure you are in compliance.

Click below to read about the CWcHP in Advance for Occupational Therapy Practitioners:


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